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Website content is KING!

OK, so you have taken the plunge and decided to make your own website with one of the excellent web development options out there. You have seen a nice template and can even visualise how you think it should look. Perhaps you have even decided to go with a website design company and paid a reasonable fee of say £800 to £2000 for what you think will be a half decent website.

The fact is that even if you have a great template or a good designer, guess what, it doesn't gaurantee your site will communicate what you need to say because what really communicates these days is not just the written word, it is photography and video. If your images and purpose for using them is not carefully thought out and if they are not up to a high standard then that becomes the way in which your business is understood or reflected.

So the next question is are you a professional photographer or video producer? Do you have all the gear it takes to film properly and the software and know how to put it together...not to mention the necessary experience and creative flair. The simple truth is that pro websites use specially created imagery to improve google rankings and to make you stand out as a unique business or service. Stock images can be useful but people can tell and you can lose that personal touch required to make your products and services believable.

So, the lesson learnt is to always have enough budget to create high quality website content from writing through to photography and ultimately video which is the fastest and most direct way of communication especially on mobile devices. Remember CONTENT IS KING!!

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