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Music Videos and Personal Profiles

If you are a musican, an athlete, or you have a business idea or provide a personal service of some sort; you need to use video to communicate who you are and what you do.

It doesn't have to even cost as much as you might imagine! The reality is that if you start to believe in your potential and professional capabilities and show that to the general public they believe it too. Why? Because what you show them has quality and communicates a message. Sometimes just one client may pay for the video you have commisioned in the first place. We need to believe in ourselves and the power of communicating with video.

Prices start from as little as £150 for a presentation to camera with some added graphics and captions and every idea is costed individuallly to create something that will work for you. Take a look a the example below which is at the lower end of the budget options.


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