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Websites need original pictures

One thing that we all need to do in the frenzy to get listed on google and other search engines is improve our SEO (search engine optimisation). What does this really mean? Well one important factor is the quality of original content for your website.

The way googlebot assesses websites with it's algorhythms, is to check for quality photographic and video content. This doesn't mean just any content you have found online that you think you can use because there are now very powerful methods for finding and matching online content such as pictures, video, music and text. If you don't generate your own original content (make it yourself, hire in photographers, videographers and writers) then you are at risk of lowering your rankings with google and other search engines!

Clearly then it is a wise move to generate website content of good quality from the start. You have no copyright issues, can use the content for as long as you wish (unlike with stock images where you have to pay for them each year) and you will achieve a unique look that will enhance your services and products. Remember though, we can't always do it all ourselves if we want to create a professional look and that is where companies like Dr Creative Productions come in. Dr Creative Productions provide all the creative services you need for superb original website content.

Photographs for websites
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