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Everyone needs video production for their websites, presentations or marketing material. Whether you are an individual, small local Leicester or Midlands based business or a larger international company we can make a quality video production which is cost effective and tailored to your needs. 


Take a look at some of the examples of our client's videos. 


The Corporate Massage Co. specialize in On- Site massage therapies that can help improve team morale and productivity, reduce absenteeism, reduce team pressure, stress and anxiety. We filmed at Microsoft, Rage Animation and AXA PPI healthcare for this production.


See the company website which was also developed by us at


Barleycroft Primary School in Leicester needed a video which highlighted their vibrant approach to education with their children. This video was filmed largely over a one week total timespan on location to capture various aspects of the work and activities of the school.


The video not only shows the work of the school to parents and the community but also helps the School Governors and Offsted to experience so much more. As you can see the children loved participating and it became part of their education too.


Virtual Flight Experience specialize ii flight simulation experiences and pilot training. The brief for this video was to create a pre-flight briefing session for people new to the Boeing 737 A800 flight deck.


Virtual Flight Experience, their clients and experienced pilots alike have loved the accuracy and clarity of this video briefing and it has greatly enhanced the customer experience of the business.




This production is the main advertising video for a training course run by Phil Gardner of the Secret Lighting Company. He runs these courses alongside his main business which is commercial and domestic lighting design projects. The video includes shots of a wide range of locations from around the UK, Spain and Saudi Arabia. A longer standing relationship with this client has allowed us to create an archive of footage with which to make other relevant videos, promoting the company and it's excellent work.


By thinking ahead & working with us long term, we collected footage for future productions  and the result has been  hugely successful websites and business development.






The Al Nasser LightCube in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is a free facility for architects, lighting designers and building project managers to see how different lighting scenarios work with different spaces, wall and floor coverings. It is a perfect environment for talking to clients about their projects and the possibilities of light.


The video was filmed on location at the Al Nasser Store in Jeddah as part of a training aid for staff to help them talk the 'language of light'. 





Organisations often need to show clients how their services and relationships work to improve business and service delivery.


The video was filmed on location in Bristol and demonstrates simply why video is the fastest and best way to explain how you can benefit an organisation with your services.

Arcus Global offer IT services to not-for-profit and public sector organisations.



Virtual Flight Experience 


Virtual Flight Experience  is a company based in Wolvey, Hinckley Leicestershire. It specialises in award winning Boeing 737 A800 flight simulations. The simulator has a complete wrap around screen for realistic spacial visuals and extra seats for family members. Virtual Flight Experience also do refresher pilot training for the more advanced too. 




If you are running a small business you need to get your message across. Don't think that professional video is out of your league... you can have it too!


We were hired initially just to do website photography but managed to shoot enough video in the same session to make up a high percentage of the shots needed to make a great video.


If you have a small business or unique personal profile that you want to enhance with video we can make the ideal video for you.  






The Guild of Cleaners & Launderers is an organisation which helps to promote and develop good practice and training. It provides information about new techniques, progress and technical issues that need resolution in all branches of the dry cleaning and laundering industry. 


The guild is a recognised examining body for the Dry cleaning and Laundry industry and awards certificates in a wide range of practical and theoretical subjects to successful candidates.


This is a short website video and was produced while making an extensive range of training video material for the guild members.





BPM Lighting is a company based in Denia, Spain that specialises in technical lighting for retailers and in structural and soft architectural products for creative specifiers, architects, lighting designers and building project managers. 


BPM lighting have developed a unique range of soft architectural products using a special material called crismosil which is incredibly durable, is fire resistent and environmentally friendly too.


The company has specialist technical artists who can produce unique finishes and moulds for manufacturing almost any shape and quantity. They supply internationally throughout Europe and to the Middle East.






Rav came with a simple project brief....he needed a unique calling card that would introduce him to the WWE wrestler trainers in the USA with a view to them taking him on as a student of  the WWE brand .


Rav is the only aspiringBritish Asian WWE wrestler so we decided to push that unique aspect as part of the SEO for finding the video online...and guess what? We are immediately top of the searches on google and youtube.


You could be an architect, a project manager, consultant, body builder, or a doesn't matter. If you want something special to help you succeed in interviews or to win a contract or promotion look no further.


If you have a unique profile that you want to enhance with video we can make it for you.  



if you are an individual with who needs to promote your work, simple, classy presentation to camera can do just what you need. 


Dawn Davis Lawrence is a person who has been inspired to help others with motivational speaking, courses and books. This video is an example of a quality look on a low budget.



Emotional Freedom Technique


Serena Alexander is an ex TV presenter who amongst other things has started a practice which uses a therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is a way of helping to release negative emotions that are keeping us stuck or may even be making us ill; they can be at the root of physical issues, mild or serious. These trapped emotions can also result in stress, phobias, addictions, cravings, anger issues, grief or trauma. 


We created a website for her with all the content needed to help her stand out.




Promo Video  Chloe-Jardine-Price


Chloe commisioned us to make this video as an entry for the Miss GB Talent competition, which she duly won!

The music was recorded and filmed here at our studio, then we spent a day on location near Melton Mowbray before final edit.




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